Saturday, July 24, 2010

Covered Hangers

We all have those special items we like to take extra care hanging up.  When I was a Brownie scout I learned to how to cover hangers.  I don't think that it was to earn a badge.  I still make some on occasion.  They are great to hang my nice dresses and shirts on. 

Step one is to match up to metal hangers and tape them together. 

I managed to get several ready to make today.

Step 2 is to pick out two balls of yarn to use. 

Step 3 tie the two balls of yarn to the top of the hanger.  I don't have pictures of the next couple steps.
Step 4 Take one ball of yarn through the hanger on the opposite side to make a loop and put the ball of yarn through the loop.  Pull it tight to the hanger.  You can switch between the balls of yarn as often as you like I usually do every two. 
Step 5 Once a long string of stitches are put together push them up so that they are tight. 

Step 6 continue the steps 4 and 5 until the hanger is complete. 

You can create the fringe by making several loops of the yarn and then cutting through the loops.  Tie the string to the top of the hanger. 

I used hangers that come from the cleaners to make these hangers. 


  1. What a great idea! I hate wire hangers... That's such a fantastic way to spruce them up. Thanks for sharing how you did it :)

  2. This is a fun idea! I have a lot of yarn left over from when I tried to knit, so this is a good way to put the yarn to use.