Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Body scrub

I know we all hear about the different body scrubs to try.  I have never been a big user of them but if I come across a sample I will use it.   I love the Mary Kay hand scrub especially because it smells like peaches. 
And it  makes it even better when it arrives since I order it from my cousin in Colorado Springs.

They only have the set listed on the website. 

So to get out of the office last week I hit Target to wonder.  And it popped in my head that I needed to get some body scrub.  I found the Amazon Forest Brazil Nut and Vanilla Body scrub.  I don't go for strong spelling things and am very careful with floral sense they will mess up my sinuses.  And the price is great too $9.99.  The scrub smells heavenly and leaves my skin supper soft.  I love using it in my showers after hitting the gym. 

It even works great on the soles of my feet. 


  1. I've so been looking for a good body scrub. I'll have to check this out!

  2. This sounds wonderful! I just popped over from the Blog Hop and 2 preppy girls and wanted to say hi!