Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Workout update

I am enjoying the Kettlebell workouts.  I got in two workouts last week and two so far this week.  And I can already tell I will be sore after tonights workout too.  The kettlebell also came with a workout dvd that I have a goal of using this weekend.   I have not noticed any differences yet.  But as sore as I am after each workout still I think there will be some if I stick with it. 
I also threw in one ab workout last week.  I am hoping to get in two ab workouts this week.  I did one last night and I am still sore.  Last week I did the crunchless ab moves from Self magazine.  I love those tear out cards that they have in each issue.  I keep all the ones that look interesting and these really appealled to me because it was ab workout without the crunches. 
Now I just need to keep it up and this muffin top will start to disappear, right? 

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