Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This week seems to be dragging by to me.  It is only Wednesday but it sure feels like it should be Friday.  But them I am so ready for the weekend.  I have a few projects I would like to work more on.  And maybe run down to Oxford for the day because that always makes me feel better. 
I got a call yesterday from a recruiter at a friends company and will have a phone interview on tomorrow afternoon.  I will admit I am nervous about working there only because an exes wife works there in the same area.  We of course have mutual friends and did before we dated and the couple times I have been around all of them she spends all her time giving me the evil eye when we are in the same room.  Trust me she has no worries I don't want him.  But it does make me nervous because I don't want to start there just for someone on a personal agenda tries to make my workday a living hell.  I already have a tough work day without that and am wanting out of that kind of situation.  I really wish I would here from the two government jobs I put in for at the end of May.  I heard from the third one telling me no, so I am going with that means I am still in consideration for the other two. 
I decided to go back to treating myself once a month.  And this week I am going to by a new book, Sizzling Sixteen this weekend.  That is if I get in in all my workouts which include 3 cardio, 2 strength and on ab workout.  So far I am on track. 

Summer has hit with a huge punch here in Mississippi.  Our temps are all 99 or 97 this week.  Which means either getting up really early on the weekends to mow or late at night.  I am heading out about 8 tonight to mow the backyard.  I hope it has cooled off a bit by then. 

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!!


  1. Good luck with the job search! And I'm sorry to hear about the evil eye-giving lady. When things like that happen, I can't help wondering what awful stuff must be happening in that person's life to make them feel threatened. Still, it doesn't make it any more fun.

  2. Beau and I were JUST talking about the yard thing. He said he was going to get up at 7 on Saturday to do. He was many people do you think will be mad! Ha. It's just soooo miserably hot!!!

    I guess making up for that crazy cold winter we had!

  3. Thanks VA Gal! I don't know what has been said to her about me but she has no worries about me wanting him back.

    Brittany he probably won't be the only one out there. One of my neighbors woke me up at 5:30 last Thursday morning not a huge deal since it was a few minutes before the alarm.

  4. Hi Ruth! Following you from Maryland Pink & Green's Friday Follow. Best of luck to you in your job search, I'm sure you'll ace your phone interview! :) xox Where in MS do you live? My hubby went to USM in Hattiesburg and we have a lot of friends on the coast. We're both from New Orleans!

  5. Hi following you from Friday Follow. Good luck with your interview. I am here: