Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation planning

Yep I am planning another vacation.  This time with my grandmother.  And we might see if any other family want to go along for the ride.  Two years ago we went to Charleston for several days.  It was a great getaway and a place we both wanted to visit.  Well okay she had been but beacuase I wanted to go so badly she agreed to go there, no doubt she is the best (or one of the two best).  On the way home we started talking about doing another trip next year but due to other events we couldn't go last year.  And this time it is her choice.   And boy has she picked a great place.  Savannah, GA.  And this time it is a place neither of us have been.  I had the brainy idea to get a beach condo instead of a hotel and stay a week.  With no kids we can go in the off season and get great deals.  Still working out where to stay but found some nice ones on Hilton Head Island.  I have always heard how beautiful the beaches are there.  Has anyone been to Savannah?  If you have what are the places we should not miss? 
Oh and we are planning on hitting Charleston again for a day to see a few things we missed. 

I hope that we get to go this year.  Only time will tell with work.  But I am saving no matter what. 


  1. Both Charleston and Savannah are on my vacation list! We are going to North Carolina at some point, probably near Wrightsville Beach or Myrtle Beach and I may try to convince hubby to make a day trip to Charleston. I think a beach house is a great idea, have fun planning!

  2. You should try to hit Charleston. We took one of the Greyline tours and had a good time.

  3. Savannah is one of the prettiest places I've been. I got on the visitor's center website and they sent me a 2010 tour guide, that really helped. I had been there about 11 years ago, but didn't remember much. We stayed in the historic district and had a wonderful time. Good luck, hope you and your grandmother have a great time.