Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have to admit the last two weeks have been an almost bust with workouts and eating.  I have only gotten in on strength workout during that time.  I have been worn out from  all the stress at work.  The office is getting to me more this summer than it has in years past (summer is out busy season). 
So Friday I took off to have the pest control come.  And get ahead on a bunch of stuff around the house that I have been slacking on too.  I came up with a page of items on a to do list for the weekend and I have to admit I got about 3/4 of it done and added in a few extra things.   One of which was painting the inside of the window frames Friday night.  After painting the office and guest room I know it is a pain to paint around the hardware for the blinds.      

In the past I have enjoyed all the light that comes in without the blinds on the bay window. But the added electric bills have made me finally decide to add the blinds.

I painted them the same Pecan color I painted the guest room.
With some encourgement from Beth and the use of JF's drill I put the blinds up all by myself.

Ms. Belle on the other hand was not into all the noise and mess that this project caused this weekend. 

I got some cleaning done and rearranged the living room.  I still have some cleaning to finish up, the main things I didn't get to this weekend. 
I did get to have some fun this weekend too.  I got my hair done Saturday morning.  And I did some shopping.  I picked up after much thought and the fact it was still there and the store opened after my hair appointment picked up this.

I found it on sale for 40% off in my pattern. 

S and I got to spend some time together at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning.  I picked up some jelly, sourdough bread, and blackberries.  I also went down to S & JF's house Saturday night for dinner and got to play with H for a couple hours.  I even got to help with bathtime.  I think the parents were disappointed I didn't get a bath too. 

I can't beleive how fast my three day weekend flew by.  Back to the grind in the morning.  And of course back to the gym this week without any excuses. 

Have a good week ladies!!



  1. Love that color!!

    Isn't it funny how stress can really throw you off your game? Ugh. Sanity now!

  2. Thanks CG! I am planning on painting the main areas of the house that color. Or at least the walls that are easy for me to reach since most ate 12 feet.

  3. Oh, I love the bay window! Very pretty.