Monday, June 28, 2010

Self : Your Best Butt Fast

I got my first workout tape in Friday from Netflix.  I got around to trying it tonight for the first time. 

The tape is 45 minutes long.  The workout is broken into three segments along with the warm up and cool down.  The first segment after the warm up is based on kickboxing moves and I will admit I got a little lost during a lot of these moves.  They will take a bit of work and I should be able to get the hang of them.  The second segment is based on dance moves and were a lot easier to catch on to especially considering I can't dance.   And it ends with yoga based moves.  According to the instructor at the end of you do the tape at least three times a week you will see a better butt in 4 short weeks.  We shall see how well it does with two weeks and then I will return it. 

And my favorite quote "Don't forget to squeeze those glutes ladies"


  1. I have SERIOUSLY got to start squeezing some glutes! ;)

  2. I do too. I was barely sore so I must not have been squeezing mine enough Monday night.