Monday, June 14, 2010


Who doesn't have at least one magazine subscription.  Well I have seven subscriptions.  A few of these I have had for years and would be lost without, okay all the ones I have a subscription too.  In case you haven't figured out tow of my favorites already they are:


But I also get these every month.

Beth I picked this cover just for you.  :)

I also get two a month that are gifts. 

S gets me a gift subscription to Redbook and I give her one to Self.

And for being a good ZTA and paying my alum dues I get this gem.

I am considering getting a subscription to

And I have the ones that I pick up on occassion because something looks so interesting on the cover.

The post brought to you by today's mail.  I can't believe I am already getting July issues in the mail.


  1. Yay! I was confused at first bacause I thought you meant the "Fitness" magazine cover, then I looked at the pumpkin pie. You are the best, Ruth, and I msis you dearly.

  2. I guess I could have made that clearer, huh?

  3. I love my Cosmo! :) And I always just pick up whatever catches my eye at the store!