Monday, May 24, 2010

Up Next..

I decided on my next workout plan.  A kettleball workout.  I have had a couple pulled out from magazines for years and never gotten around to trying one.  For one because I never thought about buying one until I pulled out my notebook to pick a workout to do.  And then wouldn't think about it when I went shopping.  Yesterday I hit Wal-Mart and bought one for $18.77.

Not bad looking either. 

I can't wait to give the workout a try tonight.  They are supposed to give a really great workout. 
The workout I chose actually came from Self in 2008.  Yeah I am bad about hanging on to workouts forever before trying them as I am recipes. 
The attached link is to the video of the workout.  Kettleball workout   I like they have video of the workout so I can see how the moves should be done and hope I  manged to do them correctly.
Well off to workout and do some cleaning around the house.

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