Monday, May 17, 2010

Queen City

I spent a long weekend in the Queen City visiting one of my besties and her kiddos (aka the niece and nephew).  It was the  last chance we would get to see each other before they move to Tokyo. 
After getting settled in Thursday when I got there we headed out for a trip to Starbucks and to pick Maddy up from school. 

Yep all three of us had some Frappacinos.

After picking Maddy up from school we hit the grocery store for the ingredients Beth needed for Taco Quesidillas.  They were so yummy!   And I can't wait for Beth to post the recipe on her blog over at Southern Blossoms. 
We did hit up Amelie's Friday afternoon after picking Maddy up from school.  The place was packed so we didn't get to hang out and enjoy the place. 

I took these during my visit in October.   The bakery is decorated so cutely.  We picked up treats for movie night.  Maddy picked out The Goonies for us to watch.  I still love that movie.  And we had a bunch of snack foods spread out all over the living room floor.  It was a great way to spend some time just us girls.  Saturday night we did another movie and finished up the leftovers.  I took The Confessions of a Shopoholic. 

We spent Saturday in Concord, NC at thier Festival of Arts.  We were not sure what all we would find while there but when Beth went on thier website to find directions there was no doubt we would go even for one thing.  I will confess all three of us girls have huge sweet toothes and listed as an item was Fried Oreos.  Yep even if we left after partaking in those it would have been worth it.  And they were the first thing we did once we got there.  So worth it!!!  They had several cute booths and I tried some Chipsticks.  They took a potato and put it in a spin cutter and then fried it on a chopstick.  The lady at the booth said that she was the second person in the US who had bought into the booths.  We also spent some time exploring the cute shops along the street the festival lined.  One was a shop called the Chocolatier.  A cute chocolate shop that even listed the wines to go with each item.  We all enjoyed the treats picked out.  Beth got the Oreo cheesecake and I got a chocolate peanut butter torte. 

What you can't really see is that Jaxs has it all down one side of his John-John too.

We also hit up a cute gift shop where I picked up a pewter napkin holder (the ones that go on top the square boxes when outside) in the shape of a Margarita.  And a drink huggie that says Someday my prince will come.  He just took a wrong turn, got lost, and is to stubborn to ask directions.  I wish I had picked up the one that said There is to much blood in my alcohol stream.  That was something heard a lot on weekends during college.   I don't know if I completely believe the huggie but it was cute for a single gal like me. 

It was so sad to leave yesterday.  Especially not knowing how long it will be before I see all thier smiling faces again.  But more than likely it will be for my first trip overseas. 

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