Thursday, May 27, 2010

NIght of Relay for Life

Relay was Friday night.  It was a blast, even if the crowd was not as large as years past.  There is one family who has had a tent for years and we were so sad not to see them there this year.  They always sell McAllister's Sweet Tea.  But there was plenty other fun items to enjoy.  I totally admit I was not good about getting a lot of pictures.  Several different tents sold food.  My dinner came from the potato bar at one.  And of course I had to have a cupcake.  One of the school groups had a dunk tank that just intralled H.

So much so he had to sit down and watch. 

I spent a good part of the evening runnign around playing with H.  A great way to spend the evening.

And thankfully he didn't mind taking a few breaks.   Aunt Ruth isn't used to chasing after little ones so much anymore. 

Thankfully the dark cloud blew right over and didn't drop any rain.

 A few shots of the park. 

One church had a climbing wall and a couple bouncing items.  One just perfect for the little guy.

He is such a happy little guy.

The place I spent the most money was at the raffle tent.  The most poplar item and the one I put the most tickets in the cup for was a Wii.  I also put in for a basket full of scrapbooking items and one full of cooking and gilling spices.  And I didn't win a single one.  So sad!

The event raised a little more than $60,000 for the American Cancer Society.  I didn't stay awake all night.  And after I got up from my nap right before 5 am S told me that they had finished counting the last round of money so I came home.  I figured by that point Belle might be anxious to get out and she was. 

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