Thursday, May 6, 2010


I don't normally click on all the advertisements on the side of Facebook but tonight I did.  Only because the dress pictured was so cute I had to know where to get it.  The link took me to the ModCloth website.

How cute is this dress

Of course I had to check out others on the site and found a few others to fall in love with.  And they all have such cute names.  This one is the Limerick Lass Dress

The Kennebunkport.  It also comes in purple.  And I can't decide which color to love more.

Brunch with Ms. America

Crewel to Be Kind

The site also has jewelry, shoes and home.  I could go on forever if I pull stuff from each category.  I love that their is a flat shipping rate too.

This little fashion citation pad cracked me up.  I know there are days when people would love to give me one of these.  And I know a few friends who would have way to much fun with one. 

all the picutres come from

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  1. Oh my gosh, those dresses are to DIE for!! So cute! and I love the names!