Saturday, May 22, 2010

Amelia Peabody Series

I came across the Amelia Peabody series about 1 year ago at the library.  I was wondering the racks looking for a new author to read.   The spine of one caught my attention because it had the funeral mask of King Tut on it.  I pulled it out and the book sounded good so I got it.  I fell in love with the characters by Elizabeth Peters.   The author is now in her 80s and holds a PHD in Egyptology.  The first book in the series appeared in 1975 and the latest came out last month (yep still haven't gotten around to buying it yet).  The books take place around digs during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  One book even takes place during the year that King Tut's tomb is found.  Yes Howard Carter appears in several of the books as a character too. 
There are now 20 books in the series.  I have read close to half of them.  And this is the first series I picked up and did not pay attention to the order of the books. 

Crocodile on the Sandbank
Curse of the Pharohs
The Mummy Case
Loin in the Valley
The Deeds of the Distruber
The Last Camel Died at Noon
The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog
The Hippopotamus Pool
Seeing  A Large Cate
The Appe Who Guards the Balance
The Falcon Portal
He Shall Thunder in the Sky
Lord of the Silent
The Golden One
Children of the Storm
Guardian of the Horizon
The Serpent of the Crown
Tomb of the Golden Bird
A River in the Sky (came out in April)

Also there is one book not in the series.  Amelia Peabody's Egypt - A Compendium

The first book takes place in 1884.  Amelia has lost her father and inherited a fortune at the age of 32 (a spinster in the time period).  She decides to follow her dream and travel to Egypt with her friend Evelyn.  While on the trip the meet Radcliffe Emerson and his brother Walter Emerson, both are Egyptologist.  The two ladies marry the brothers.  Amelia and Emerson (as he prefers to be called) have one child Walter Peabody Emerson who goes by the nickname Rames.  Walter and Evelyn go on to have 4 or 5 children (sorry I can't remember how many).    During the The Last Camel Died at Noon the Emerson's take in a young girl named Nefret.  They also take in Adbullah's grandson David who ends up marrying thier niece Lia(Evelyn & Walter's daughter). 
The books happen around digs the Emersons are on in Egypt.  Each season they find themselves involved in a mystery that Amelia is compelled to solve.  Many of them are due to stopping the illegal sale of antiquities in the early days these involved the ring led by the Master Criminal who turns out to be Radcliffe & Walter's half brother Seth.    Along the way they have had several close calls with thier lives and even lost thier beloved foreman (reis) Abdullah when he took a bullet to save Amelia. 
I love reading about the time period the books take place.  And I love learning things about ancient Egypt.  And can only dream of seeing the places the characters visit and work in Egypt.  To bad if I ever get to visit Egypt things will be so changed from the time the books take place in. 

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