Monday, April 12, 2010

Workout update Month 2 Week 2

I have made it halfway through the Self magazine Body Challenge.  It has flown by.  And I am seeing changes now.  My saddlebags are really diminishing.  Now if the muffin top will go the same direction.  ugh! 
I am going to get brace and try on my capris this weekend.  And I am nervous about that.  So I am going to really work hard this week. 
I took the tear out cards for the month two workouts and scanned them in. 

I am not going to lie move #8 is kicking my butt.  I can barely eek out two on each side.  The rest I can handle pretty well.  I can't wait to see what month 3 workouts will bring.  I know they will be harder. 


  1. Wow I need to really give this a try! That's so awesome about your saddlebags diminishing! I am hating my muffin top right now, ugh.

    Have you made changes to your diet? I am struggling with that, but so far this week so good!

  2. I struggle with it too. But not eating out since I got back from my trip but once and not eating out before that I think has really helped.