Monday, April 19, 2010

Self Challenge Month 2 Week 3

I can't beleive that I only have 5 weeks left of the challenge.  This week went great even if I was not able to increase my reps on move #8.  I still got in all my workouts.  Actually worked out every day last week.  Way to go me!!!  I did increase my time on the Precor (this cardio machine that is a cross between a stair master & elliptical) thanks to a co-worker.  She came over and we started talking.  Previously I had barely been able to last 15 minutes on the machine because my legs would start to kill me.  Three days this week I last at least 30 minutes. 
Eating was good this week except for Friday.  We had a breakfast for a co-worker.  At least I brought some fruit.   And then I was craving Mexican so a friend and I went for lunch.  A good thing another friend wasn't able to go to drinks after all Friday night.  And with what I have planned tonight I won't be that good.
Oh and I tried the capris on this morning.  And they are still not loose enough.  ;(  But at least I will be more motivated this week to work hard again. 

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