Thursday, April 1, 2010

Natchez Girls Weekend Part Two

We woke up to cloudy skies on Sunday morning that also brought a chill to the air.  There went the plan to walk around looking at houses after brunch at the Might Martini.   Which brunch was just as yummy as the martinis Saturday night.   J, C, and I did get brave and walk to Stanton Hall.  I don't know about the other two but I was happy that W and R decided to drive over. 

I think this pic is so cute.  J forgot her camera and was using her Iphone to take pictures. 

After we got done wandering around the grounds at Stanton Hall we drove around trying to find Dunleith.  It took a bit as we were having trouble figuring out all the one way streets.   And by the time we got there the last tour had already started and the gentleman at the desk said we could wander the grounds.

The steps to the side you are seeing are where carriages would pull up and let passengers out.  We found out later that when a wedding happens on the grounds the carriage will bring the bride to those steps.   While we were wandering around the last tour started leaving the house and who steps out as the tour guide.  Our new best friend David. 

Yep not the greatest picture.  He told us to give him a few minutes to get a drink and he would take us on a tour.  We got an almost two hour tour of the house and stories from this wondeful man.   On a normal tour you can't take pictures in the house but he let us.  And the furniture is pretty comfortable.  The house has one chandlier that is gas lit to this day and some wonderful wallpaper in the dining room that is simply priceless.


I am not sure why the picture has a funny shape to it.  And below is the wallpaper, it would take to many pictures to get all the scenes in.  The wallpaper shows nature in the different regions of the world. 


The tour was a wonderful way to end our time in Natchez.  It was so sad to get up and leave Monday morning. 

And this statue was in the bar at the Eola Hotel.  I couldn't resist taking a snap of these two guys.

I can't wait for the next girl's weekend. 

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your pictures from your girls weekend are great. :)