Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Natchez Girls Weekend

I had a great time with my four friends in Natchez this weekend some I have known for years and one is someone I now count as a friend.   We went to have a good time and that was easily accomplished.  After checking into the hotel our first stop was the liquor store for some wine and bloody mary supplies.  And as we didn't have a fridge in our room we had to come up with a way to keep the wine chilled.

Yep that is the sink in my room.   We had to go next door to brush our teeth and wash our faces.  Well worth it though.  We headed out to dinner looking for Cock on the Walk but it had moved and wasn't under the hill anymore (so I am told).   Since we were already down there we at Magnolia Grill.  The place was great especially the Bayou Eggrolls.  I also tried Southern Pecan beer.  While we were waiting for our table a group of hot guys came in there was some flirting back and forth.  And then some shots sent to tables during our dinners. 
Saturday we spent touring the houses.  We bought the tickets to Longwood and Rosalie along with the tour package for Green Leaves, The Elms and Elgin.  We didn't make it to Elgin.  But we got to spend a lot of time at Longwood. 

Aren't the little girls getting their pictures made in costume to cute?  I didn't get a better picture of the whole house.  This house was supposed to be a four or five story octangonal house but was never finished due to the Civil War.  The family moved into the basement once it was finished, no small space it was 10,000 square feet.    The grounds were gorgeous here.

After leaving Longwood we hit Fat Mama's for lunch and some margritas.  I couldn't help but take a pic of this while there.

Yep that was the toilet in the ladies room. 

Across the street was Rosilie and we went there next.  I loved that we could walk everywhere from the hotel but Longwood (I was wearing my easytone shoes.) 


I was glad that we could take pictures in this house.  Because it showed Scarlet wasn't the only one to make a dress out of drapes.  This one was made from the orginal drapes and worn by a past president of the Mississippi Daughters of the Revolution.


And while there J got to play the piano in the women's parlor.

Then we hit up Greenleaves which I didn't get any pictures.  The house was full of family memorbilla.  Several members still live in the house too.  From there we hit The Elms, which has been turned into a bed and breakfast. 


While at The Elms we met our new best friend, David.  He gave the opening part of the tour and we saw him that evening but he didn't have time for a drink.  David so made it up Sunday afternoon with a private tour at Dunleith and it was about two hours long. 
We hit King's Tavern for dinner but didn't have an experience with the ghost.  Not that I am sad about that.

Aren't we a hot group of ladies?  And this one was celebrating her birthday Saturday

The post is getting long so I will write about Dunleith later this week. 


  1. Reading your post was like living it all over again! That was some of the most fun I've had in quite a while! :)

  2. Great pics! Love the toilet. And Southern Pecan beer?? Yes please!