Friday, March 26, 2010

Home Ownership

It was six years ago today I took the big plunge.  I bought my house.  I can't beleive it has been that long.   I called my father after closing and asked him how it felt knowing his eldest was a homeowner.  He said old.  Got to love him.  There are a few things I would like to do with it before I move along.  I am thinking another year or two and then time to move up to something bigger and with a garage. 

Isn't she cute!!  Okay I couldn't find a pic of the house the day I moved in.  But this is from the first snow that year.  By the time we got off work and I got home I couldn't pull up the drive. 


  1. Cute house! I bought my condo in 2001. I can't believe it's been that long for me too. It was the best decision ever though. Yay for home ownership! :)

  2. Thanks! It has been an intersting experience. Though I wish I had waited just a little longer to have more saved up.