Sunday, March 14, 2010

Body Challenge

I am starting my third week of the Self Body Challenge today.  So far it is gong well.  Though I totally admit the first week of the challenge I didn't get in a single strength workout.  I did get in four cardio workouts so it isn't like I was slacking.  I did step it up last week and got in two strength workouts along with four cardio workouts.  Am I finally feel like I am getting on track with my workouts this year.  And I am noticing some changes.  I don't know if it is the challenge so soon or just all the workouts I have been putting in this year have finally started appearing.  Yippee!!! 
The challenge comes with a meal plan that I am following, mainly because I am a really picky eater.  But I am watching how I eat.  Though this weekend I see being tough.  I am headed to the parents in Bama.  And eating healthy is not on thier priority list even if it should as both are diabetics.   And I will need to figure out how to get in at least one workout while I am there.  I have these plans each time I visit, which is not often, and it never works out. 
My goals for this week.  Workout everyday before I leave. And don't think I am not considering working out before I leave Friday afternoon (I took half day off work).  And not eat out all week.  I also need to do some cleaning around the house before I leave.
Have a great week everyone!!!

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