Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Natchez Girls Weekend

I had a great time with my four friends in Natchez this weekend some I have known for years and one is someone I now count as a friend.   We went to have a good time and that was easily accomplished.  After checking into the hotel our first stop was the liquor store for some wine and bloody mary supplies.  And as we didn't have a fridge in our room we had to come up with a way to keep the wine chilled.

Yep that is the sink in my room.   We had to go next door to brush our teeth and wash our faces.  Well worth it though.  We headed out to dinner looking for Cock on the Walk but it had moved and wasn't under the hill anymore (so I am told).   Since we were already down there we at Magnolia Grill.  The place was great especially the Bayou Eggrolls.  I also tried Southern Pecan beer.  While we were waiting for our table a group of hot guys came in there was some flirting back and forth.  And then some shots sent to tables during our dinners. 
Saturday we spent touring the houses.  We bought the tickets to Longwood and Rosalie along with the tour package for Green Leaves, The Elms and Elgin.  We didn't make it to Elgin.  But we got to spend a lot of time at Longwood. 

Aren't the little girls getting their pictures made in costume to cute?  I didn't get a better picture of the whole house.  This house was supposed to be a four or five story octangonal house but was never finished due to the Civil War.  The family moved into the basement once it was finished, no small space it was 10,000 square feet.    The grounds were gorgeous here.

After leaving Longwood we hit Fat Mama's for lunch and some margritas.  I couldn't help but take a pic of this while there.

Yep that was the toilet in the ladies room. 

Across the street was Rosilie and we went there next.  I loved that we could walk everywhere from the hotel but Longwood (I was wearing my easytone shoes.) 


I was glad that we could take pictures in this house.  Because it showed Scarlet wasn't the only one to make a dress out of drapes.  This one was made from the orginal drapes and worn by a past president of the Mississippi Daughters of the Revolution.


And while there J got to play the piano in the women's parlor.

Then we hit up Greenleaves which I didn't get any pictures.  The house was full of family memorbilla.  Several members still live in the house too.  From there we hit The Elms, which has been turned into a bed and breakfast. 


While at The Elms we met our new best friend, David.  He gave the opening part of the tour and we saw him that evening but he didn't have time for a drink.  David so made it up Sunday afternoon with a private tour at Dunleith and it was about two hours long. 
We hit King's Tavern for dinner but didn't have an experience with the ghost.  Not that I am sad about that.

Aren't we a hot group of ladies?  And this one was celebrating her birthday Saturday

The post is getting long so I will write about Dunleith later this week. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chicken Ranch Tacos

I was looking for something to make with the Chicken I had pulled out of the freezer this morning.  I was in the mood for tacos and decided to try making chicken tacos.   I put my own spin on the Chicken Ranch Tacos from Betty Crocker.  When I went to pull out the ingredients I found a half pouch of taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix.  I grabbed both and used them together and left out the ranch dressing the recipe calls for. 

The chicken by itself is good.  Yep I had try it while I was waiting for the taco shells to warm up and the Spanish rice to finish cooking.  The recipe does suggest adding some ranch dressing to the tacos.  I did another spin with that tip.  I mixed together some three cheese ranch dressing with salsa and put that at the bottom of the taco shell.

I only put the salsa/ranch combo, chicken and cheese on my tacos. 

It still might not have been a really healthy meal.  but it is better than what I have eaten over the weekend.   I am packing up some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 

I haven't forgotten I will post about Natchez this week. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Month Two

Today is the first day of the second month of the Self Challenge.  I didn't get back from Natchez until 4:30 today.  My goals for tonight are to see what month two has install for me because after all the food and drinks this weekend I really need workout.   I do need to be better about the strength workouts this month.  Bujt I am looking forward to finishing the challenge. 
I will do a post or two on the trip to Natchez if my pictures will ever upload. 

Off to unpack and hang out with Belle who is still pissed at me. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Home Ownership

It was six years ago today I took the big plunge.  I bought my house.  I can't beleive it has been that long.   I called my father after closing and asked him how it felt knowing his eldest was a homeowner.  He said old.  Got to love him.  There are a few things I would like to do with it before I move along.  I am thinking another year or two and then time to move up to something bigger and with a garage. 

Isn't she cute!!  Okay I couldn't find a pic of the house the day I moved in.  But this is from the first snow that year.  By the time we got off work and I got home I couldn't pull up the drive. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Monday

Yep another Monday has come and almost gone.  This weekend I spent in Bama visiting the parents.   Well actually to spend some time with my grandmother before she has hip replacement surgery tomorrow.  She is 82 and two weeks ago during pre-op tests they found a annerism (sp) so I am more worried than I was before that. 

This is Nanny at her 80th birthday party.  The little girl with her is the only great-grandchild.  Isn't she a doll.

I got home yesterday afternoon and napped.  But I managed to get a bunch accomplished today. Or at least I thought I had until I realized it is 8.  I hit the gym when I left work only to find out that when I packed my gym bag last I didn't put anything but a sports bra in the bag.  ugh!  So I hit Wal-mart earlier than planned fro some one stop shopping.  I got home and have unloaded the dishwasher, run a cleaning cylce through it, paid bills, made out a deposit for the alum group, and played with Belle.  Oh and I did fill out my census form.
I need to get more done but I think I am going to curl up with a book or magazine.  Really probably should be a magazine because they are piling up.  The rest of the week will be crazy getting ready to go out of town.  This weekend is the girls weekend in Natchez and I can't wait.  Promise to post some pics when I get back of the trip.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.  I totally forgot to wear my new cute shirt today.  But no worries I did remember to wear green.   
Go out and enjoy one of these

Or you could go for a green beer.  I think I am stuck with a sour apple martini tonight. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Body Challenge

I am starting my third week of the Self Body Challenge today.  So far it is gong well.  Though I totally admit the first week of the challenge I didn't get in a single strength workout.  I did get in four cardio workouts so it isn't like I was slacking.  I did step it up last week and got in two strength workouts along with four cardio workouts.  Am I finally feel like I am getting on track with my workouts this year.  And I am noticing some changes.  I don't know if it is the challenge so soon or just all the workouts I have been putting in this year have finally started appearing.  Yippee!!! 
The challenge comes with a meal plan that I am following, mainly because I am a really picky eater.  But I am watching how I eat.  Though this weekend I see being tough.  I am headed to the parents in Bama.  And eating healthy is not on thier priority list even if it should as both are diabetics.   And I will need to figure out how to get in at least one workout while I am there.  I have these plans each time I visit, which is not often, and it never works out. 
My goals for this week.  Workout everyday before I leave. And don't think I am not considering working out before I leave Friday afternoon (I took half day off work).  And not eat out all week.  I also need to do some cleaning around the house before I leave.
Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Southern Belle Mysteries

I believe I have spoken about a new book series I started reading a couple months ago.  I was at the library about two months ago wondering around looking for something new to read.  By the way the library is the best place to go if you are wanting to try out new authors because it won't cost you a thing if you don't end up liking it.  And if you are like me trying to save up for a vacation or updating your wardrobe and house.  The series is written by Carolyn Haines and each book has the word bones in the title.   So far there are nine books in the series at this point. 

Them Bones
Buried Bones
Splintered Bones
Crossed Bones
Hallowed Bones
Bones to Pick
Ham Bones
Greedy Bones

The series revolves around Sarah Booth Delaney and her friend Tinkie as private investigators in Zinnia, MS (which is in the Mississippi Delta).  Sarah Booth lives on her families old plantation named Dahlia House with the resident ghost Jitty, her dog Sweetie Pie and horse Reveler.   Somehow Sarah Booth and Tinkie manage to get themselves in a mess every book and get out almost by pure luck, including getting Sarah Booth cleared of murder.  And of course I love how they mention Ole Miss on occassion.   In the book a DG refers to a Daddy's Girl not a Delta Gamma and I admit I didn't catch onto that until I had almost finished Hallowed Bones. 
So far I have read Hallowed Bones, Ham Bones, and Wishbones.  Yep totally out of order.  I picked up the Hallowed Bones because the cover caught my attention and the cover made it sound good (it takes place in New Orleans which help get me intrigued).  I need to start paying attention to the cover to see if they are part of a series so that I can read them in order.  I picked up Bones to Pick from the library on Tuesday and can't wait to finish the book I am currently reading to start it. 
I had to search Amazon to find the list of all the books and found out the tenth in the series, Bone Appetit, will be out on June 22nd.  Which gives everyone plenty of time to catch up on the series, including me. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eric Clapton

I had a blast at the concert Friday night.  And thankfully didn't have any issues getting my camera in to take a few pics.  But R and I totally forgot to get pictures together or of each other the whole night.  And we were looking hot!!!  :)

Roger Daltrey opened.  And I have to admit that this was the first concert I have ever been to that started on time.  When Roger got on stage he stated he was there to warm us up for the Big Guy in the back.  Roger can still really twirl the microphone. 

Eric Clapton  came out and played for 1 1/2 hours straight (or pretty close to it).  And one encore.  I wished he had played longer.   I was excited he played my favorite song, Cocaine.  Yes I don't know why but I love that song.   Wonderful Tonight was also on the set let.  The encore was crossroads.  I am not sure if you can tell in the pictures but there were screens above the stage and during part of the show they were showing across them close up shots of Clapton playing the guitar.

It was a great night out with a good friend.  And it was topped off with the chance to see someone we love live, finally.   Clapton is someone we have both been wanting to see for a very long time.    I bought a program to help remember this night for a very long time.  I can't wait until I get to see Clapton again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working for the Weekend

That is how I have felt all week.  And tomorrow is my Friday.   I get to enjoy my Christmas/Birthday present to myself.  I get to go see this gentelman Friday night at FedEx Forum

Eric Clapton is my favorite music artist.  And can't wait to finally see him live.  Not to mention my friend R is coming into town from Jackson to go with me.  It is going to be a great girls night out.