Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Project

I should have posted this sooner.   Since we had a long weekend I decided to tackle a project I had been putting off for almost 2 years, painting the guest room.  My brother lived with me for a couple years.  And while he lived with me he put a few wholes in the walls and really dirtied the walls up.  The easiest solution was to just repaint the whole room.   I started picking out paint samples about 6 months ago.  Yes it took me that long to figure out.  At least I got in several great workouts last weekend.  I woke up Tuesday morning really sore.  I don't have a before picture that I can find.

Yes I know the tv is next to the bed but I don't have the cable hooked up in that room.   I hope the parents will take that back to Bama the next time they come.  I have been told I am stuck with the brother's bed until I am ready to sell the house.  Before the brother lived with me I had my antique twin brass bed in the room with a quilt.  The lamp fit in a lot better with that bed.  I am thinking of getting a plain light blue coverlet to put on the bed and fold up my quilt at the bottom.  I have a queen anne lace dust ruffle and pillow shams that match the tablecloth on the night stand.   It will make the room look a little more girly. 
The color is Pecan from the Eddie Bauar collection at Lowe's.  Just a tad darker and different undertones than the color I picked from the builder (I think I have been watching to much HGTV lately).
Can you tell Belle has made herself back at home?  She has decided that the guest room is her room.  She was not happy all weekend that she couldn't get in there to sleep.   
This weekend is shopping, workouts, and cross-stitching.

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