Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am a penny pincher as my friends will tell you.  I love finding ways to save money.  Especially right now so that I can go on a trip, concert, and work on redecorating.   The first thing I do when shopping is hit the sales racks.  And I love getting the sale emails from Ann Taylor Loft, though they are a bit dangerous.  One area I am working on saving in is groceries.  I am working hard on eating healthier and that can get expensive so try and save where I can there.  I came across an article last summer about how to save on groceries.   One of the things I liked is  You can load your grocery store card number on to the site and then add coupons to it.  They have a great lists of stores across the country.  And I will admit that I load them sometimes and forget to look when I am making out my list.  I love that extra surprise when I save on something without expecting it. 
What tricks does everyone else use to save money?

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