Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know everyone has thier favortie cookbook and a collection of favorite recipes you have collected from magazines and friends.  Well I got tired of the scraps of paper all over the place a couple years ago and created my own cookbook.  And it has now turned into two of them.  Yes I have a habit of collecting them from magazines.  And a couple from blogs over the last couple months.  

I have to admit the second one does not have a cover.   And it is almost full of nothing but drinks and desserts.
So I know I kept talking about making Beth, aka the Southern Lady, a birthday present.  She mentioned liking mine when she was in town back in August.  And so decided she needed one of her own.  I threw in recipes I love and ones I want to try.  And a few I took off her blog. 
They are simple to make.  All you need is three things, besides all those yummy recipes.

I use the plastic sheets so that while cooking if something gets on them I can just wipe it off and not worry about the recipe being destroyed.  I am a messy cook.  That is why I don't take many pictures for the recipes I put on here.  :)
You can use the tabs to put the recipes in any categories you want.  I even have section of tips in mine. 
For Beth I had to throw in several pumpkin recipes for the fun of it.  When I went to visit in the fall she was going crazy for anything with pumpkin in it.  So here is what hers looks like.

Well it is not the best picture.    I got a message yesterday morning that she loves it.  I can't wait to see what she comes back from Tokyo with in it. 
Well off to finish painting the guest room.  Oh and we are getting more snow tonight.  Already at least an inch on the ground.  I still live in the south right?


  1. I've done the same thing! I have one for apps & entrees and one binder for just desserts!

  2. I have several binders for other things. Like workouts I pull out too.

  3. I thought we were going to get more snow, but alas, just rain! Boooooo :(

    I need to get organized and start a cookbook of my own! Great idea.

  4. We didn't get much last night. But we have been getting flurries on & off today. I went to meet friends for lunch and came out to it really coming down again. Thankfully it is not sticking at least so far.

  5. I've been meaning to make one of these for a long time (for both cooking and working out). I have a stack of torn out magazine pages waiting to be organized. Maybe one of these days :)