Sunday, January 24, 2010


The weekend has been so dreary.  The nice warm temps are disappearing and it has been so cloudy.  We got some nasty storms last night and there is a chance of some more tonight.  ugh!  My yard is mushy  in places just from last night.  Belle and I went out to throw the ball around before it gets cold again.  And she started to get muddy pretty quick so we came in.
I spent the weekend resting. This week was long thanks to being sick.  Yesterday I woke up early to get the oil changed, hit Wal-Mart, worked on the Southern Lady's present, and hit the library.  Yep I alreay finished the Shopoholic series.  I am so sad that there are not anymore Becky Bloomwood adventures.  The series is so cute and quick to read.  Last week I picked up another series that sounded good.  I am glad that it has been.  No, I am not done with another book.  I am still reading this one. 

It involves a female PI from the Mississppi Delta.   Wonder what caught my attention there?  I picked up a second book in the series this week.  Along with a Robert B. Parker book.  I have read several of his books and enjoy the Jesse Stone movies, so I was sad to hear of his death this week.  

I am feeling better.  And am so ready to hit the gym tomorrow after work.  I feel like such a slacker for not working out in a week.  So do I start counting over the number of days I have done the Shred?


  1. have me intruigued. And *why* do you allg et the snow and storms and we don't? Share a little, right? Ha!

    I have to look into that new book series you're reading. Sounds fun and fantastic!

    Love you, Ruth. Have a lovely week.

  2. No snow this weekend Beth. Just thunderstorms, great sleeping weather.
    And your birthday will be here shortly. I need to finish by next weekend so I can get it shipped.