Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I had to get out today and run an errand.  And it took me by a Dick's sporting goods.  And I came out with these

I was so excited that I finally found a pair in my size.  And then they were also the blue ones.  Blue is my favorite color.  I wore them at the gym tonight.  And I was feeling it in my calfs within 10 minutes of starting.  And I have to admit I wimped out only got in 20 minutes tonight.  In all fairness I did leave work late.  And I knew I had to get home to do Jillian's workout before Biggest Loser started tonight.

I made one of my favorite quick dinners tonight.  Pita Pizza.   

Take a pita and spread it with salsa.   Top with cheese and chicken strips. 

And because I had some of this on hand.  I topped it with a bit of it too.

It turned out really yummy!   I mix it up on occassion too.  I use ranch dressing instead of salsa.  And if you have any leftover pasta sauce that would work too.

Now to go cuddle with Belle and watch the rest of Biggest Loser. 


  1. Yum, those pizzas look great!

    LOVE your background btw!

  2. Those are they gym shoes I want, but in pink...my favorite color!!!

  3. Blue is my favorite color. I was so excited to find the last pair was blue and my size.