Thursday, January 7, 2010


I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning.  No where near the 1 to 3 inches predicted.  And so sad this is all we got for the freezing temps we are having this week.

I thought about taking the picture at the last moment before I left for work.  The roads were clear going in just wet.  Thankfully! I still took my time going and decided since the temps were dropping fast to take some PTO time and leave early.   There are a few to many overpasses I go by on my way home and was worried about them already freezing.  For the most part the roads I took going home, went the long way, were dry.  I hope it is the same in the morning.  They are predicting snow flurries during the night and in the morning.


  1. It looks beautiful, Ruth, and I'm happy you were safe on the roads. But you could kindly send some snow our way? It seems like we're the only part of the south to not get any!!

  2. I am trying to send it your direction. The kiddos need snow to play in. And I hope it will be enough for Maddy to have a snow day.