Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fitness Gear

It is the begining of a new year and like most of America I am wanting to get in shape.  No, I didn't make it a resolution because I never end up sticking to them.  So it is a goal since I am better at getting those done.  And it really should be something I concentrate on for my health too.  The last two weeks I have not made it to the gym a single time and have been eating junk.  And boy can I feel it.  I am so sluggish.   Time to get back into my old routine and hopefully this year I can fit back into my capris. 
With the sales happening I hit target to add to my fitness DVD collection.  I got brave and bought

Yep!  I might be slightly crazy but I did it.  And probably wouldn't have if they weren't on such a great sale this week.  I gave it a try this morning when I got home from the gym.  And boy is it a killer.  By the end I was having to  march in place instead of doing a cardio move in the dvd (glad Jillian wasn't really in my living room to see that) and my legs were a little wobbly.  But I managed to make it through.  oh and it was the leven on set I was doing.  I spent 30 minutes walking on the treadmill before I came home.  Boy, what two weeks of no working out will do to you. 
I have been thinking about buying a kettlebell for at least a year.  And still am not decided on it.  I hear great things about what they can do for you and I even saved a workout from Self magazine last year for them. 

I wobbled on deciding all week.  And finally decided Yes I want to get one.  And then couldn't figure out what weight to get.  I don't want to get one to light and seem like I am not getting any work done to soon but I don't want it so heavy that I will give up.   ugh!  Some days I just hate having so many options.   I figure that their will be more sales in the next week or two since there usually are sales on fitness gears the first couple weeks of January.
I am in search of new sneakers too.  I know what I want but am having trouble finding them.  My grandmother gave me money for Christmas and birthday last week and said to spend it on something I really want. 

I wouldn't normally spend $100 on a pair of sneakers.  But why not since she said to spend it on something I want and not save it.   And that little extra the Reebok Easy Tone say they give I desperatly need.  I usually hit Sports Authority sale racks for sneakers that are considered out of season.  One pair I bought last year were $125 New Balances that I got for $40.  All that matters is that I still like them who cares if they are the in season sneakers.
I am ready to give Jillian's workout another try tomorrow.  And hit the gym for some more walking, yep my knees are in terrible shape so I don't run.  I am going to work towards gettting at least two days of yoga and pilates a week too.  Bikini body here I come!!!



  1. I have been seriously thinking about getting The Shred! Let me know what you think!!

  2. So far it is kicking my butt. I will keep you posted.