Monday, December 14, 2009


Christy over at Embellished Bayou held a contest a couple weeks ago for a choice of three of items from CSNstores.  And amazingly I won.  What a wonderful way to start off last Monday.  And this afternoon I received the prize.  I have to admit when I sent my information to Christy I didn't even go back and look at the prizes and just chose a number.  I decided to surprise myself.  And I chose #2.  I got two serving trays from Gorham serving trays with Christmas trees on them.  They are beautiful!  I can't wait to use them.
Yeah I am a little lazy tonight and didn't take a picture.  I spent my day off running around finishing Christmas shopping and a few other errands.  I am proud that I have finished shopping and now need to wrap all of the presents.  And even better I did another year of not putting anything on a credit card. 

Thanks Christy for hosting the contest!

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