Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tree is complete

I got around to finishing my Christmas tree tonight.  It turned out great.  And I love the new ornaments I got this year.  I love snowmen and buy a new ornament every year.  This year's involves another of my favorite things Martini glasses. 

The Finished Tree

A few of my favorite ornaments.  And it was hard to pick out a just a couple.  My Waterford Marquis ornaments didn't photograph well.  I have two of the Charlie Brown 50th Anniversary ones and a snowman. 
Some of my favorite are handmade ones.  My besties mom makes us all one each year.  I look so forward to knowing what each year will bring.   This is last years.

This one was made by a pledge sister. 

Have to throw in the Martini glass.

The Rebels are represented on the tree too

In 2005 I had two friends serving in Iraq.  An easy pic for the snowman ornament that year.

And to throw in some of heritage

My grandmother started a tradition of crocheting snowflake ornaments for her kids when they got married.  And she did some for I know two of us grandkids (I am not sure if the oldest three got any or not).  But when I opened mine up four years ago at Christmas she got busted by an aunt.  Turns out I got mine before my youngest uncle and aunt got thiers.  oops!!!  Don't worry they got thiers the next year.


I hope everyone enjoyed decorating thier trees too.

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  1. I think it's great that you have so many special ornaments! Love the little snowmen!