Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out with 2009 In with 2010

I don't think I have ever been so ready for a year to end the way I am for 2009.    And it wasn't until the last week when all the best & worst of the decade list came out that I even realized we are down on decade.  Wow!   This year has been a hard one.  And at times I was not sure I would survive but somehow I did.  This year has seen a few hard bumps in the road.  The scariest was not hitting the deer but surviving two rounds of lay-offs at work.   I am hoping not to see any come from our company in 2010.  We have been awarded a lot of new business in the last 4 months that should be coming on in the beginning of 2010. 
The good points of 2009 were watching my cousing graduate from high school.  And finally being able to go see the Blossoms in Charlotte.  Though the visit was to short.  I am hoping that 2010 will bring another visit and maybe longer.    And getting to watch my beautiful niece and handsome nephews grow, even if two are them through pictures. 
My dreams for 2010.  I have to admit all I hope is for a better year.  I have not given a lot of thought to what I would like to see happen.  Maybe some more traveling.  Saving some money to put towards a trip to see the Blossoms in Toyko.  I would love to see being able to do a few more things to my house.    I two days we shall see what the year 2010 starts to bring.



  1. Come back soon, Ruthie! We've love you to take an extended visit with us again. Mads especially has been asking for another "Aunt Ruth Movie Night".

  2. I am up for planning a trip for the spring. Give me a call when the holidays settle down.