Friday, November 13, 2009


This has been a long week.  I am trying to settle into a new routine at work.  But I made it and still had a half day to go get my hair done.  Though I am need to go in for a couple hours this weekend.  That will have to wait until Sunday.  Tomorrow I am headed to Oxford to Grove.  At Ole Miss we don't tailgate we Grove.  I can't wait to see campus in all the beautiful fall colors.  Not to mention friends I have not seen in a while.  As of now I don't have a ticket for the game.  Which I think might not be so bad as tomorrow we are playing UT.   If I don't end up with a ticket I am going hit the square for a bit of shopping.  I love the little shops around the square, even if I rarely buy anything.  A friend is also going to be at her house watching the game with her mother as her husband and friends ended up with all the tickets.
This week I also managed to start getting my house clean for D's visit next week.  He will be staying with me all week while he takes a study class for certification.  Tonight I spent the evening napping, wal-marting, and starting to clean. I didn't get in a workout but I am so counting the vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and rearranging the living room.  One thing I don't have to worry about when I get back from Thanksgiving. 
I also hit the gym for three nights of cardio.  I haven't managed to get in all three of the ab or drop a jean size workouts but there is still tomorrow when I get back from Oxford.  Along with finishing cleaning the house. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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