Sunday, November 22, 2009


Since I am headed to Bama Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving my meals this week are geared towards no leftovers.  And easy to clean up.  Tonight I made some easy chicken quesadillas.  Yeah quesadillas are pretty easy in the first place so I guess they should be no fuss quesadillas.  I gather my ingredients.

Then I set a skillet on medium heat.  While the skillet is warming up. 

Step 1:  Spread salsa on a tortilla

Step 2: Place chicken strips on top of salsa

Step 3: Add cheese.  For me it is a lot of cheese. 

Step 4:  Fold in half and add to skillet.

After about 5-10 minutes this is what you get or close to it

I didn't have a side tonight.  Sometimes I will make Spanish rice to go with it.  But tonight while the quesadilla was cooking I stood at the counter and ate chips and salsa. 
Though I will admit I felt slightly terrible making something so simple while in the background The Next Iron Chef was on.    I can't wait to watch the finale tonight.  Even if it means missing part of the Bears game. 
I will probably have these a couple times this week along with some salads and sandwhichs.  Glad I thought enough ahead last week and don't have to hit the grocery store this week too.

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  1. Another simple and delicious looking recipe, Ruth! Thanks for a new idea for quick dinner solutions.