Friday, November 20, 2009

Presenting Belle

I am partcipating in the blog hop over at Kelly's Korner.  This Friday she is freaturing pets.  
I have had Belle for 4 years.  She is a lab/white shepard mix.  A total sweetheart and a big mamm's girl.  My parents have one from the same litter they named Bear.  They are still so cute together.  Bear can't wait for her to get out of my Jeep when we get there half the time and jumps over me to get into the backseat with her.  I had them both for the first two weeks and thought I was going to lose my mind.  Learned a good lesson though I can't handle two puppies at once.   At the time I could tell them apart by thier collars.  Belle wears blue (my favorite color) and Bear wears red (for Bama).

Belle & Bear right after I got home with them. 

This was thier idea of how to use a puppy pad.

I still think this is a cute picture of Belle drinking water

Bear now.  Still my baby boy.

And the Princess all grown up.

She might drive me crazy most days.  Especially the weekends as she still does not get the concept of sleeping in.  But I wouldn't trade my four legged kid for anything.

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  1. She is a pretty girl! We had shepherd pups too when I was pregnant with Cooper. Oy. No one tells you that they will eat your deck.