Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yes after being sick for over a week.  I am ready to hit the gym this week.  I mean really hit the gym.  Last week I went three times and took it easy.   Not only am I hitting the gym for cardio.  I am planning on getting in three strength workouts and 3 ab workouts too.  Everything will be from Fitness magazine.  At the end of September I was on their website and saw an item about signing up to be part of a group to walk around the world in one month.  Well it didn't happen and is still going on.  Granted I wasn't a huge contributor to miles last month with getting sick and traveling.  So go sign up and lets see if we can do this before the end of the year.  Walking Challenge
The strength workouts I am aiming to finally complete this 4 week routine.  It is drop a jean size in 4 weeks.  And boy could I use that.  And the routine is pretty easy to do at home with just a few items.  I have been slowly buying a few items to keep at home to do workouts from magazines.  I have a wicker laundry basket in the living room full of workout dvds, dumbbells, weighted ball, and bands.  I have to hide my big fitness ball in a closet as Belle is freaked out by it for some reason.  I like having these items around so I can get up and do something in the evenings when I don't make it to the gym or don't want to do the weight machines at the gym.  Plus I don't feel so bad just sitting on butt during The Biggest Loser if I get up and do a workout. 
So go check out Fitness magazine and find a workout that works for you.  And while your there signing up for one of the items check out the box on right for fitness items they are giving away.  It changes everyday.  I keep hoping I am going to get a call or email telling me I won a pair of sneakers.  But no such luck so far I guess next week I will be hitting the stores for a new pair.

Have a great week Blog World!!!

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